Subject: Re: Venice - Hotel and restaurant recommendations?
Hi James and Ziners!

I highly recommend the Pensione Academia in Venice. It is very close to the Academia Bridge therefore close to lots of things. It's in the Dorsoduro section of Venice which is a nice neighborhood like place. It is on a small canal just off of the Grand canal with it's own dock. We took a water taxi there from the parking garage which made it super convenient. No rolling my suitcase around looking for my hotel like our first trip there! I have been told it was the hotel in the movie Summertime with katharin hepburn which is a wonderful love story shot in Venice.

I did a LOT of research on places to eat. The previous times I'd been there I was disappointed and people said there were no good places but I found that hard to believe. I found two really good places that people recommended in and in other places. I tried them and found them to be amazingly good. I have since sent several folks there and one of them was written up in Bon Apetit since we were there.

The best IMO is Al Gondolieri (Dorsoduro section too) No website that I could find. Great service and food and wines. If you google (restaurant Al Gondolieri) you'll get a lot of reviews.

The other place is Avogaria. A little hard to find, the hotel can help with directions. Very modern and great food. Here is the site

I just LOVE Venice. I hope you have a great trip.

Nancy Alexandria, VA