Subject: Re: Solo travellers' strategies
Hi Ziners,

I decided long time ago, I was not going to let life pass me by. Hence sometimes I go by myself when I travel. I have traveled to the Canary Islands twice and absolutely enjoyed going by myself. I always look online to see the attractions and then wing it once I am there.

About four years ago, I traveled to Tenerife and went paragliding with some French pilots. I could not speak any French and they could not speak any English but gosh did we have fun. We did have flying in common since I hangglide here in Seattle. We went out to dinner and they totally made me feel welcome and we laughed trying to understand each other.

The best part was riding back in the Van with about 12 folks and all of a sudden things got really quiet and they all started to hum the Star Spangled Banner for me. I still get tears in my eyes thinking about it.

Regards Tracie Seattle