Subject: New Discoveries -- Whiskeytown Lake
Hi all -- and Linda:

Enjoyed reading the article about our "new" waterfalls here in Shasta County, California! I, too, grew up in this area (although I am not 92) and have spent countless hours exploring the Whiskeytown area. I never saw the falls until this year! However, there are numerous other wonderful sites around Whiskeytown and many smaller falls in the area. Area residents have been excited about this discovery and are looking forward to sharing it with the adventerous travelers out there. Of course, they did not mention that we have not had one day in the last 21 days that did not exceed 100 degrees and are not expecting to do so in the next few days! Now you know why we value our lakes and rivers in this part of the country! Thanks for posting that link!

Cynthia in Redding, California