Subject: Re: Solo travellers' strategies
Hi Ziners,

I am a solo traveler as well and have not let that stop me from enjoying life. Years ago as a student studying abroad in Europe, I had a week's vacation. Since I wasn't really close with my classmates, I went to a travel agency and went to Florence and then Venice. I had been told from others Rome was expensive so I decided against it. I regret that but one day I hope to make it there! I used common sense by not drawing attention to myself by not wearing nice jewelry or going out very late at night.

These days the internet makes traveling more helpful by giving feedback --using this website for example. Also, GPS devices rock! I invested in one to use for rental cars and it has paid for itself many times over.

One positive thing about solo traveling is you go where you want to go,when you want to go,etc. Life is short and it's great to have a sense of adventure!

Best, Nelly MS