Subject: Re: WOW

I can think of several events that WOW'ed me on travels.

Walking on to the shores of Lake Louise at looking down that lake at the Victoria Glacier.

The stained glass depiction of the Bible in St Chapelle in Paris.

Seeing Napoleon's tomb for the first time.

Touring the Wieliczka Salt mine outside of Krakow Poland, and seeing a grand Ballroom and Chapel excavated within the mine, with elaborate ornamentation all made out of salt.

A very sobering (with tears of sadness) WOW was visiting Auschwitz concentration camp.

The Karlovy Most (Charles bridge) in the morning mist (dawn) in Prague.

Butchart Gardens in Victoria BC, Canada

The view of the Langhe (Piedmont) from the Hill town of La Morra. This one I use as my computer desktop.


John Hamilton, ON,