Subject: Re: Brazil
Hello Malene -

My computer died a few days ago. Now it is working again with brand new parts. That to explain the delay in answering!!!

Went searching for books in English on Brazil. Found several in the book store I went to but a lot more in the site of another book store. However, not a single reference to the Peninsula do Marau!!! In which state is it? Is there a city or town nearby? Nobody here seems to have heard of it. You may have discovered a hidden treasure!

First of all there are several good Brazil guidebooks in English. The one Graciela mentioned as my "bible" (she is right!!!) is only written in Portuguese. Lonely Planet and Fodorīs both have very good guides on Brazil - in English. I think Frommerīs has one too.

The books I saw are mainly picture books with English translations to the written parts.

Bahia: A view from Above (2003) ISBN 85 8655 118-X

Brasil Poetic Portraits - 3 books ISBN 85 8630 301-1 (2000) ISBN 85 8630 398-4 (2001) ISBN 85 7531 099-2 (2003)

This site should be your best bet:

Click on a book - on the page that appears next, roll down to a descriptive paragraph in English. Most of the books have it. They have 19 pages of books in English on Brazil. Of course there are lots of history books, novels and the like which are far from what you want.

With the ISBN numbers you should have no problem to order them from Amazon. If not, let me know.

Hope this helps! Best regards, Susana