Subject: Re: Carnival in Rio
Hi Nadine -

Carnival in Rio is supposed to be one of the world´s great events. The parades are fantastic from the colors of the clothes and carriages to the music. However, I have never been there - just watched a couple of times on TV. It is too hectic, too many people, too much noise for me. However, I know several persons who will never miss one - they go every single year and they live in São Paulo. They just love it. Reservations have to be made well in advance, for the box seats as well as hotels. Rio is packed solid at that time.

Carnival dates change every year - it is actually based on a Catholic religious date. This year it was February - Saturday 5 to Tuesday 8, with Wednesday being a holiday until 12 noon. I don´t know when it will be next year, but it is always February or early March. Actually, I just saw that Lucy gave you the exact dates.

Besides Carnival you would enjoy some lovely beaches in the midst of summer. And Rio de Janeiro´s bay is one of the most beautiful in the world.

Best regards, Susana São Paulo, Brazil