Subject: Re: Brazil
Hey Susana,

Peninsula do Marau is in Bahia near Itacare, which I think is also called Ilheus or its close to Ilheus, and you mentioned that. (I am still figuring it all out myself.)

So far what I have found is - its a 4 hour drive south in truck with 4 wheel drive, and then short boat ride out to the peninsula from Salvador.

The beach there is called Taipus de Fora, and it sports a 7 km beach with coral reef right off the beach. (it brings tears to my eyes thinking of a coral reef like that and snorkeling on it)

Most of my information so far I have gotten from Pedro at (I am not affiliated with Pedro or his web site in any way personally)

I will check out the books you gave me. I think I should probably also look for books generally about Bahia, Itacare and Ilheus so I can get as much info as possible. I especially need books about the underwater world and its potential hazards so I can go into the water well informed. I will check all info with the locals of course, but in my experience its good to have done the research before hand. Info like what shark species are around, and if their comings and goings are affected by the time of year is so important!

I have also been wondering if Brazil is a negotiating culture when it comes to purchases? And if yes to what extent does the negotiating usually extend?

Thanks again and warm regards, Malene Sonoma CA