Subject: Re: WOW
Dear fellow Ziners,

A Wow moment for me happened one morning looking out onto Lake Maggiore in Locarno, Switzerland. The play of sunlight shimmering on the lake, while at the same time the green hills in the background were slightly misty and hard to make out clearly, was magical. I remember thinking that, if someone had painted this scene giving it the same coloring, I wouldn't have believed it.

Another WOW occurred on Pyramid Lake in Jasper in the Canadian Rockies. One bright, sunny day from the canoe that my husband and I were paddling, the mountain and trees were perfectly mirrored in the water all around us. My comment at the time was, "Wow, heaven's anteroom!" Seeing such majesty was nothing short of a spiritual experience.

There's more but I'll stop with one from the desert near Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. One night the lab educator from the hospital who had arranged our visit drove us back to Dhahran from a nearby town after dark, then stopped so that we could get out and look up at the night sky from the desert. The sky was clear and ablaze with what seemed like millions of stars. I had seen what the night sky looks like away from cities before, but nothing like this. So clear, so bright, so close. The stars seemed to go on forever and surrounded by silence it was another Wow on the spiritual scale that I'll remember forever!

Cheers, Pat