Subject: Halifax GTG today
Hi gang,

Just reporting in about a lovely Sunday lunch we had here in Halifax, Nova Scotia to greet Marco from Italy. Collette Saunders, her husband Ian Colford and I met Marco at a lovely seafood restaurant in downtown Halifax. The building that the restaurant, McKelvie's, is in used to be a fire station and has the high ceiling and curved windows. They have excellent seafood and we all had at least one dish with it. Photo:

After, we walked to the waterfront where there is a Busker festival on and had a look at the end of one very interesting performance. A feathery type bird with a long neck was "ridden" by a theatrically painted woman and chased around by a masked clown. The accompanying music was by OKA, a trio from Australia that is a fusion of electro and traditional sounds. See a photo of the "bird" and "rider" here She was actually up on stilts moving around!

So nice to meet Marco and we wish him a great week here in Nova Scotia as he gets to explore more of this little piece of heaven!

Diane Halifax, Nova Scotia