Subject: Re: WOW
Hi Ziners!

My first look into the Grand Canyon in Arizona elicited a "WOW" from me. I had been concerned that I wouldnt react at all to the sight...but it absolutely took my breath away.

In India, some years later I entered the grounds and looked straight on at the Taj Mahal. Couldn't stop crying!

WOW reactions are fun I think because they are 100% emotion. Your little mental camera snaps a picture and you remember it forever. In my case tears start streaming.

In St Petersburg Russia, looking at Catherines Palace from the grounds in the back elicited the WOW and the tears. It was February and crisp and so cold...a little girl was feeding the birds...the palace was the backdrop...magic!

I think that one reason I cry is that I never thought Id be able to travel and see these places...I'm starting to tear up so Ill close...

Joan Malden Bridge