Subject: Re: Wow
Hi Ziners,

Love reading about the Wow moments -- they either bring back memories of the places I've been to (Lake Louise IS incredible!) -- or add to the anticipation of seeing those I haven't visited.

A couple of my own . . . My first glimpse of the Great Wall in China -- it didn't look like the pictures because I'd never seen it in context with the landscape. And then the feeling of climbing to the top of one section (harder than I'd thought it would be) and looking at the wall twisting through the countryside into infinity.

The stunning beauty along the Ring of Kerry in Ireland. After taking in all the different terrains -- farmland, coast, villages, peaks and valleys -- and the various shades of green, I at once realized why the Irish are so sentimental about their country and long to return.

Driving through Tuscany and feeling like I was in the middle of a fairy tale illustration.

Seeing my cruise ship in the teal waters of the Caldera from the top of Santorini.

Gee, I wish I was getting on a plane today, but . . . (sigh) back to work.

Debbie in Boca Raton, Florida