Subject: Re: WOW
Hey List,

What a wonderful topic - I am enjoying reading about all your wow's.

Here are a few of mine.

As a kid when we went to Switzerland in the summer we always spend one day when we went to the top of the mountain. This consisted of going up 3 different lifts until we were in the yearlong snow.

Going up it was always fun to see how we passed beyond the tree line, and then as we passed into the snow area.

On a clear day on the top we literally had the alps laid out in front of our amazed eyes. There was nothing but snow capped peaks around us. The mountains had dignity and beauty. They also carried an air of threat - they were just so immense, not just in size but in spirit as well. The air was thin and crisp with snow, but the sun was still powerful, and the sun glittered in all the pure white snow around us.

Another wow moment was when my husband and I drove from Florida to California together. Of course we had to stop at the canyon although we only had a half day there. As we were driving towards the canyon wondering when we would see it, and then all of a sudden BAM it was there - that was truly astonishing. We drove a little further to a good lookout spot. There were a few too many people at that spot so we started to walk away from the crowds around the rim a bit. I found a great place to sit - a little too close to the rim for my husbands comfort. It felt like God had stuck his hand down and leaned on a bit. It was astonishing!

Another wow moment was in Malaysia the first time we went snorkeling. We had a coral reef right from the beach outside our hotel. It was amazing - I could lay there with my snorkel on for hours literally and just stare. THe reef was colorful and the fishes so amazing. It was such a different world down there. It was easy to forget time and place when snorkeling, not to mention forgetting that you were actually moving away from the shore. The reefs were so close to the surface, and when I moved beyond the reef it was with a gasp that I realized the sudden drop in depth with several meters. What an experience - it created a life long love of scuba diving and snorkeling!

Warm regards, Malene Sonoma CA