Subject: Re: New York City Theater Tickets
Hi Kathy, We were in New York in July and we left buying our tickets until we got there, which for us was a mistake. We were unable to get tickets even at the box offices for Doubt, Primo, or The Constant Wife. When we were in NYC two years ago, we went to TKTS and were successful but with temperatures over over 93 degrees we decided that was not what we wanted to do.

If it is something that you really want to see, I would suggest contacting the box offices of the theatres where the plays are being performed. October will probably be less crowded than July. We did get good seats for both "Lennon" and "Spelling Bee." (Spelling Bee was cute, but Lennon was not wonderful.) So, my advice would be if you really want to see something and won't settle for anything else, buy your tickets in advance through the theatre box office. If you are willing to take a risk, and are willing to stand in line for reduced prices, wait!

Michele Missner Appleton, Wi.