Subject: Re: New York City Theater Tickets
Hi Kathy,

My husband and I just recently spent a few days in New York, and I purchased our theater tickets before we left, from Ticketmaster. I kept looking for a deal from but never saw one in time. We saw Lion King and All Shook Up, which were both wonderful. I knew we would enjoy Lion King, and it was amazing. The surprise was All Shook Up. It's a musical based on Elvis's music, but the main character is not Elvis. He's a roustabout who arrives in town, riding his motorcycle -- wearing blue suede shoes, of course -- and shakes the town up :-) The music and the dancing were incredible!

You can get reduced price theater tickets at TKTS in Times Square, and there is also another TKTS in South Street Seaport, which I'm told has shorter lines. I know that I was very glad I purchased theater tickets before we left home, as lines were very long in Times Square, and it was hot. Availability is another reason we bought tickets ahead of time... I wanted to be sure we got those dates & times. I love ticketmaster... they send you a reminder of the event for which you've purchased tickets.

Best, Sandy in Illinois