Subject: Re: Cape Cod
Hi, Barbara -

In 2000, my latest stay at the Cape, I spent quite some time there and stayed at a lovely B&B in Sandwich. The Inn at Sandwich Center. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. From there I drove all over the Cape. It has been some time so the Inn may have changed owners.

A few blocks away is the Daniel Webster Inn where I went for dinner a few times. It is really very nice and the food is very good. Probably much better for staying with visitors from abroad.

Sandwich is a very interesting town - with a very good glass museum and lots of glass shops. You can see the glass works in a couple of them. There are also lots of antique shops.

All Cape Cod is simply wonderful so you will have a lovely time. Get on the small roads to really see it. Walks on all the beaches are a must and a delight. The water is very cold even in summer.*

Don´t miss going, even if it is for only a day, to Martha´s Vineyard. There is a ferry from Woods Hole several times a day.

You are going to one of my favourite places. Lucky you!!!!

Regards, Susana São Paulo, Brazil

Mod's note: *The water is warmer on the south side.