Subject: Re: Idaho
Hi Joan,

Alaska Airlines goes from Boise to Pocatello. My daughter had to spend 3 months in Boise, so we took advantage of it to see the sights.

About 120 miles towards Boise from Pocatello is Twin Falls. (One of the "twins" was lost somehow.) And near Twin Falls is Shoshone Falls, otherwise known as "Niagara of the West." It really is quite impressive, when the hydroelectric company isn't diverting the water for power. Also in the area is Craters of the Moon National Monument. In the mid seventies, the area looked more like the black sand areas of Hawaii. Since then, much vegetation has returned, but, even so, it still looks eerie. And if you go to Twin Falls, you'll be in the land of the Snake River Canyon....truly a beautiful place. There will be much breathtaking beauty for you to enjoy no matter what season. Do you ski? If you do, or even if you don't, there's the famous Sun Valley.

Carrie, in Bardonia, NY