Subject: Re: Re: Trip Insurance
Hi, Ziners,

Carrie mentioned that she uses CSA Travel Protection, but that she doesn't know how good it is, as she's never had to file a claim.

As a claimant, I can tell you that CSA is wonderful. I was so glad I had travel insurance when I broke my leg in Paris at the beginning of my trip 2 years ago. They took care of all travel costs to get me and my daughter back home, and even sent a travel nurse to accompany me. They were always in contact with me by phone while I was in the Paris hospital. They also paid for an ambulance to meet my plane when I arrived home and then to take me to my hospital. I had no out-of-pocket costs, and my HMO covered everything else, such as the hospital stay and surgery.

I have heard that CSA is one of the top travel insurers in the country.

Regards, Diana San Diego, California