Subject: Re: Trip Insurance
Hi Jim,

There are several parts of trip insurance.

Cancellation - because you can't go. Usually this includes problems with your travel partner, business issues and host at destination.

Trip interruption - you must come home due to a family problem, health, etc. This is sometimes covered by a gold credit card. You might need medical transfers.

Health coverage (sickness, accident, etc.) is sometimes covered by a gold credit card or an employee plan.

Assess what you need and check all the costs - ironically it might cost less or the same to buy more insurance (a package) rather than just the part you need.

As far as amounts for house rental, figure out how much money you would be out if you couldn't go or had to leave early. I would be leery about over- or under-estimating the amount to be covered. Covering too much is a waste of money. Covering too little means that you might be keeping some of the financial responsibility yourself.

There are timelines in getting trip insurance, especially on flights. Last trip we covered the cost of our flights and then, since we hadn't completed all of our planning, added in a guesstimated amount for our other anticipated costs that could not be cancelled.

Frances Toronto, Canada