Subject: Trip Insurance
Hi, Ziners!

I would be wary of the info on

A close relative is in marginal health and we just bought and upgraded some non-cancellable and non-refundable airline tickets to visit the grandkids in CA later this year. Mainly for peace of mind, we also purchased the affordable "Air Travel Protection" coverage from Travel Guard in case we couldn't make the trip. The coverage for both of us from TG cost about what the change fee would be for just one ticket if we had to reschedule our flights. And there'd be no hassle with the airline.

Out of curiousity after reading the posting, I logged onto and sumittted my info. Insuremytrip came back with a page of coverage offerings, all for substantially more money that I paid TG. And TG's "Air Travel Protection" coverage was not on Insuremytrip's list.

Before last year's Tuscany visit, we happened to check and the TG coverage that we eventually bought directly from TG was among the listings. But at a higher price than we paid TG. Gotta make a buck somewhere, I guess.

We've used TG several times in the past and thankfully never have had to make a claim. TG was recommended by Frommer's and has received many favorable comments on various travel chatnets concerning their claims performance.

Note that if you should buy trip cancellation coverage from the reputable insurers, it must be bound within a few days after you make your first deposit or the vital pre-existing conditions waiver won't apply. Be sure to read the contract--TG's is on-line and can be printed-out.

Something else for travelers to consider is MedJetAssist's med-evac coverage. Family plan costs $US 325 a year, and if you, your spouse, or any of up to five kids in the house should become hospitalized anywhere more than 150 miles from home, MedJetAssist will send medical help and an airplane to fly the afflicted ones back home. Travel writer, Peter Greenberg in his book tells of the uninsured man who tripped off a curb while visiting the Pyramids and broke his hip. By the time that all of the bills were in, the cost of patching him up and transporting him back to Los Angeles was nearly $US 120,000.

Sorry to be so gloomy. Jerry in E TN USA