Subject: Re: WOW
Hi to all you happy Ziners,

I've tried to resist, because I know I've written these WOWs before when this thread ran sometime back. All my trips have been full of WOWs -- climbing a part of the Great Wall, listening to the symphony of cowbells ringing while we were atop a mountain on a very still evening in Switzerland, my first sight of the Golden Gate Bridge, way back when -- but the two that stand out for me are an early morning cloudless view of the Matterhorn from our hotel balcony (heart-stopping), and seeing the Statue of Liberty from the QE II arriving home from my first Atlantic crossing by ship. Both brought tears to my eyes, and I can guarantee you on the ship I was not alone. Both men and women unashamedly wept.

Sailing out of the harbor at Honolulu, headed to Maui, on a very clear night, with all the lights of the island rivaling the starlit sky, a whole world of stars, soft danceable music in the background -- WOW! No wonder we all love travel so much.

Now I'm looking forward to another list of WOWs on my trip to France, coming up the end of September. I'm finding that, now 75, I just treasure the memories and anticipate the next trip even more eagerly. Hoping for Italy next year, but ten days or so in Kauai before that. Life is good!

Good health and blessings to all, Lou, in Lakeway, TX