Subject: Re: WOW!
Hi to all you happy Ziners!

WOW's I've had were seeing the sunrise at 3.30am along the Lower North Shore of the St. Lawrence River during our Freighter trip there this May.

Another WOW was looking down a 16% grade on a coastline road in Labrador at a village nestled far below....and trying to imagine travelling this road in the winter storms.

In northern Newfoundland, after travelling for 25km along a country dirt road, it was a WOW to suddenly see the sparkling sea more than 500 feet below with fishing boats bobbing at anchor in a small cove.

Lastly, on the same trip, we were WOW'd to be confronted with a Moose on the road in front of us. Looking at us, she seemed to say "This is My Road! Please wait until we leave it before proceeding!" We did so as a yearling trotted after his mother without looking at us. There are over 140,000 moose in Newfoundland!

Peter Payan Montreal Canada