Subject: Re:WOW
Hello Ziners,

I'm a bit late on this thread for sure! My biggest WOW moment connected with travel was meeting my maternal grandmother. My mother was an English war bride who came with me to Canada on the troop ship "Andes" in March of 1944 when I was just two years old so I certainly didn't remember my Gran. I made my first trip back to England with my mother in April of 1961 at the tender age of 19 on an Air Canada DC-8 out of Toronto for the princely sum of $210 (which at that time was about 6 weeks wages for me).

To make this a WOW moment with regard to seeing something scenic or inanimate, I must say my big thrill was being able to go to the top of Big Ben and be in the bell tower when it struck 12 noon. My late Uncle Eric was employed in the service of Her Majesty in various capacities and was able to obtain a pass from Lord Cholmondeley, Lord Chamberlain of the House. We were able to go all through the House of Commons which was not in session at that time and then go up to the top of Big Ben. I still have the pictures to this day as well as the pass. While we were in the House of Commons, I remember a ticker tape coming through saying that Yuri Gagarin had just gone into space.

Pat, Ontario