Subject: Re: WOW
Hi, Ziners,

Diane Johnston's memories of London and Big Ben, reminded me of my first time in London, too. I was just amazed by all the history around me. I was only there for a night and a day, as I was on my way to Southampton and a European cruise. However, I crammed a lot into those hours. I walked halfway across the Westminster Bridge so I could be over the Thames River, and then I looked back and saw Big Ben. I was so WOW'd by the sight, and I thought the attached buildings were the Big Ben buildings, as I called them. Later I found out that they were the Houses of Parliament.

Another WOW was being up close to Westminster Abbey, where an ancient ancestor had been the archbishop. And a bus tour took me across the Tower Bridge -- another WOW, as I previously had no idea it was painted such a beautiful aqua color. And yet another WOW was riding in one of the famous black taxis to Buckingham Palace. I sat on a bench there and just watched as dusk fell and the windows of the palace started lighting up. I wondered in which of the lighted windows was the queen. A perfect end to a day of WOWs.

Regards, Diana in San Diego, California