Subject: Re: The kindness of strangers
Hello Ziners,

My kindness from strangers happened in Cancun in 1983. My husband was deathly allergic to fish. While eating at an establishment in Cancun we shared a table with two kind men. The men had ordered fish while my husband ordered a steak. He mention that his steak was quite spicy.

I tasted it, and it wasn't spicy in the least. His throat was closing, and he started to sweat profusely. He was quickly going into anaphylactic shock. He asked for the adrenalin I had in my purse, he drew up the medication (this was prior to the introduction of epi pens or kits) and gave himself a shot right at the table.

Our dining companions were nearly in a state of shock themselves while overwhelmed with what they had just seen. They immediately got up and acted like they were going to leave without paying the bill in order to get the attention of the waiters who were experts on slow leisurely service. They proceeded to pay the entire bill and take us by car to the hospital.

Fortunately, my husband was well on to recovery and out of danger, for the hospital consisted of a room with a card table that had a sign noting that the hospital was closed for siesta.

We figured the chefs at the restaurant used the same grill and/or utensils to cook the fish and the steak even though the allergy was thoroughly discussed at ordering. These kind strangers took us to our hotel and made sure we were settled in our room and ok before they left.

Pamela from Wisconsin