Subject: Re: Kindness of strangers
Hi all,

Four years ago my husband and I were on a 10 week holiday of the USA travelling mainly by Amtrak. Our last journey was from Los Angeles to Phoenix. The last part of the journey should have been from Tuscon to Phoenix by bus. However we were told by the train attendant that this was the first week of a new arrangement and we would be put off the train at Maricopa where we would be able to get a taxi into Phoenix.

The few people who got off at Maricopa disappeared quickly and we were left in what seemed to be a picnic table in the middle of nowhere! An attandant told us that there weren't any taxis as they wouldn't come from Phoenix.

A very kind lady overheard our conversation and offered to run us into Phoenix (about 30 miles she said) and drop us at a hotel where we could phone the friends who were waiting for us at the bus depot there! I don't know what we would have done without her and often wish we could have thanked her properly.

Also we would like to have thanked the taxi driver who took us from the hotel to the RV Resort at a vastly reduced rate when we couldn't contact our friends by phone.

Also,the owner of the resort who took us to his restaurant and gave us a meal as we waited for our friends to arrive from a fruitless wait for us in Phoenix. It was a very long, tiring, frustrating day but the kindness of all those people made it a day to remember.

Jan Bo'ness, Scotland