Subject: Re: WOW

During a visit to New York City several years ago, we went for a pre-theatre dinner to the Rainbow Room, high atop Rockefeller Centre. Fortunately, we had a table right beside a window, so not only were we able to enjoy this marvellous art deco room, but we also had a wonderful view of Manhattan (this let me tell Margaret that I had fulfilled my promise to "put New York at her feet"). As I recall, the meal was good, but it didn't really matter with all this ambience. Then, to top it all off, during dessert we watched the QE2 departing NY, sailing majestically down the Hudson river.

Another memorable meal-moment occurred in Quechee, Vermont where we had been to the Simon Pearce Shop located in an old mill, where you can watch glass blowers making many of their beautiful creations. When we saw that there was also a restaurant there we immediately made reservations for that evening. The restaurant is in an addition to the mill and projects out over the river, with a view of the waterfall. Once again, we were lucky enough to have a window seat from which we could see the full moon in the sky and its reflection shining in the waterfall and river. "Moonlight in Vermont" obviously came to mind, but given my limited vocal ability (notwitstanding my surname), I resisted singing and only hummed a few bars to Margaret.

Les Singer in Toronto