Subject: Re: WOW
Hi Ziners:

It would seem that a few of my WOW moments have been "musical"! Here's a few -

In Jerusalem, while getting ready to go out for dinner, I leaned out of my hotel room window when I heard bells starting to peal. I could see the carillon of the YMCA hotel in the distance, where we'd visited the bell tower earlier that same day. I realized that the sounds were coming from there. I listened in awe, to the Israeli National Anthem, HaTikva, as well as a lovely Israeli tune, Jerusalem of Gold, and other beautiful works such as Ode to Joy. These were moments I'll remember forever. And our friends in the room next to us missed the whole thing because their air conditioner had been on and their windows closed!

On a 25th anniversary Caribbean cruise, after a wonderful day of sightseeing and shopping in St. Thomas, I stood on the deck of our ship. Because of heavy traffic in St. Thomas, we were not able to dock, and our ship had been at anchor all day, well out in the beautiful harbour. With that spectacular view of the island in the distance, and a new duty-free gold bracelet on my wrist, we sailed away, as the band started to play "Anchors Away". I truly thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

Visiting friends in Los Angeles, we had the good fortune to be invited to a holiday staff party at the Music Department at U.C.L.A. I couldn't believe that I was at last seeing much of California, and now Los Angeles, and was even on the legendary campus of U.C.L.A. It all seemed so very special, and was topped off with the band playing "Canadian Sunset" for us, the visiting Canadians!

Margaret in Toronto