Subject: Re: Pantanal and Iguaz˙
Hi Dick,

At the mid of March I've been to Iguazu - my hotel was in the Argentinian part, because many suggest that Foz do Iguacu is quite dangerous place. At the same time, I'm insisting that you must visit both sides and to take boat and helicopter tours (the latter from Brazil only). If you go by boat - be sure that all of your belongings are safe of water, because after the tour you'll be like after the shower. But it's worth that! The helicopter tour can be arranged in Argentine and Brazil as well and 15-20 min flight costs 60$ US.

I know nothing about the weather in your period, but during my 2 days of stay I had about 44 C at night and heat and high humidity during the day. And another day I had a real tropical storm - which fortunately was quite short and didn't distrub me too much - anyway you'll be wet at the end of your trip.

Actually, I can't understand how can the waterfalls be dry when you have such a montrous rivers.

Another recommendation, you can also visit the Itaypu Dam - the largest in the world. The tour inside is totally free.

The entrance fee into the Argentinian Park is about 10$ US and into the Brazilian one - about 6-7$. For the Brazilain part you don't need more thatn 2-3 hours, because the length of the walk is about 1km. You need some time for the buses inside.

For Argentinian part you need almost whole day and walking is more difficult. Don't miss the boat to St Martin island with a majestic waterfall - the second to the Gargant del Diablo.

Sincerely, Alex Elbert Jerusalem Israel