Subject: Re: Kindness of strangers
Hi Ziners,

One recent encounter with kindness happened in Kyoto, Japan. Since the bullet trains have very little storage for luggage, most Japanese ship their suitcases ahead and travel light. This time we had no choice but to bring our luggage with us.

Getting to our departure gate was rough because there were stairs in places where you might usually find escalators or elevators. I was struggling to get my suitcase up one flight when all of a sudden I felt my load lighten. I turned around and there was a tiny teenage girl, all of about 90 pounds, lifting the back end of my suitcase.

I could have hugged her, but since most Japanese are pretty restrained about that kind of thing, I resisted. Everywhere we went, the locals treated us with kindness and consideration. And as another Ziner pointed out, NO TIPPING was expected or accepted anywhere.

Debbie in Boca Raton, FL