Subject: Re: Portugal forest fires
Hi Joao,

Thank you for your helpful information. The media reports are quite frightening for those living in Portugal and those who intend to visit.

The following is our itinerary as requested:

September 9th, 10th & 11th - Lisbon - Hotel Britania September 12th & 13th - Queluz - Pousada September 14th - Evora - Pousada September 15th - Obidos - Pousada September 16th - Nazare - Hotel Praia September 17th & 18th - Ourem - Pousada September 19th & 20th - Bussaco Palace September 21st & 22nd - Mesao Frio - Pousada September 23rd - Guimaraes - Pousada September 24th & 25th - Porto - Pestana Palace

As I understand it, the area in and around Coimbra, Vila Real, Santarem are the worst spots at the moment. How will that effect our time in Ourem, the Bussaco Palace, Mesao Frio, etc?

I hope that the promised involvement of many other European countries will help get this dreadful situation under control without any additional loss of life or property.

If you could keep me posted on the situation, I would be grateful.

Thanks Felice Toronto, Ontario