Subject: Iguaz˙ Falls
Hi, Ziners,

I am considering visiting Iguaz˙ Falls in 2006. I am having a hard time deciding when to go because of conflicting information.

>From a recent posting on TheTravelzine: I was there in June when it does not rain. . . Heavy rains occur in September and October.

>From a 2003 posting on TheTravelzine: The falls are ok all year through, but I don't suggest you go during our summer (i.e., from mid-December to early March). The weather is terribly humid and hot there, as it is a subtropical forest. Actually the high season for the falls is between June and September, but anytime between April and October is perfect.

>From an Associated Press travel article: March through June, when temperatures are moderate, is considered the nicest time of year to visit the falls.

>From Brazil Travel Services on the Internet: The best times to visit the Iguassu Falls are between August and November at the end of the rain season, and from December to February during the Brazilian summer. If you are visiting the falls during the months of June, July, and August we recommend you bring a raincoat to protect against both the frequent rain and the occasionally chilly weather. . . . The best time of year to visit is August-November, when there is the least risk of flood waters hindering the approach to the catwalks.

All this information leaves me still wondering when it is best to go to Iguaz˙ Falls. Any additional suggestions?

Anne Yuma, AZ