Subject: Travelling in Namibia & South Africa
Hi Ziners!

We have just returned from a two week stay in Namibia, our very first but not the last! To answer Dicks question about 'bugs' and face masks, we took perscription anti-malaria tablets called Malanil which we deemed absolutely necessay if you are going as far north as Vic Falls. At night if you want extra protection rub on "Bushman" gel. Don't forget the deadly female mossie only bites at night when the sun goes down.

We stayed at the super gorgeous Sossusvlei Lodge and requested a tented cabin on the very edge of the property, next to the fence that seperates it from the camp grounds. This gave us an unrestricted view of the desert in front of us.

Cape Town is magical. Don't let crime frighten you off. Just be as vigilant over your purse as anywhere in the world. Take lots of light cotton clothes or buy them there.

Happy travels! Dot Pietermaritzburg, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa