Subject: Re: Tide of misery floods Europe
Hello everybody,

My sister has been in Portugal during this month, and they have had to change their plans due to the fires. At the beginning they had a reservation at a hotel outside of Coimbra, but she got an email from them telling her that it would be better to cancel. So, she moved that booking to Le Meridien in Porto. On their drive from Salamanca they could see the smoke and smell it.

>From Porto, they moved down to Lisboa, and although they were planning to stay around until this weekend, they ended up driving back to Marbella at the beginning of this week. A couple of times driving north of Lisbon they met firefighters and they were forced to return, so they ended up driving to the Algarve and then into Malaga.

Another friend was staying with her sister near Zurich, and she returned to Spain on Tuesday, after being slightly afraid during the weekend (although she says that the swiss authorities were really well organized and it was very calming seeing them working around).

Kind regards,

Covadonga Bilbao/Madrid - Spain