Subject: Re: Questions on Florence, Italy
Hi Diana,

Florence is such a fascinating city that I have to agree with Linda, I would advise you to eliminate shopping. To-day there is only one setback and that is too many tourists.

I believe that a WOW experience is to visit the Piazza de la Signoria - even if it has been included in the tour - and give some time to the Loggia and to grasp the David from Michelangelo (although it is a copy). I always enjoyed tremendously a visit to the Palazzo Vecchio but probably it would take too much of your time. The city itself is a jewel, beside the obvious as Santa Maria Novella, Santa Croce etc., there are so many exciting little corners. If I were you I would cross out the visit to the Pitti Palace and Boboli Gardens and concentrate on this side of the Arno. Your son is wise to go to the Uffizi. For me it is one of the most fascinating art museums in the world. Maybe you can consider a selective visit to one or two rooms.

In a way, I believe that after the walking tour you would know where you wish to spend the rest the day.

Graziella in Montevideo for now.