Subject: Re: Portugal forest fires
Hello Felice,

As you asked about the fire situation in Portugal, here's the latest news: today the temperature is low, more humid, and in the morning all the fires where extinguished. The weather report for the next week is not so good, the temperature is going high again.

But there will be no problem at all because the situation is now under control (more or less...) and the major roads are safe. Things unfortunately were burned (forests and even some houses) in villages with bad acess for the fire brigade and in September there will be no danger, all will be more calm.

But during your trip you will see not so many green spots because a big area of the country as burned but you will have a very nice program in Portugal!

The Buçaco Palace is a lovely hotel, one of the most beautiful in Portugal and all the Buçaco forest is also very beautiful.

In Lisbon, if you have time, I would like to suggest: take tram nş 28 (be awere of pickpockets inside this tram), get out at Largo da Graça square and find the Mirador Senhora do Monte at the top of the hill. It is one of the seven hills in Lisbon, facing the S. Jorge Castle with, for me, the most beautiful view of the city.

Near the mirador is the hotel "Albergaria Senhora do Monte" with a bar at the top floor. You can go there, take a coffee or a drink and relax looking to the castle, the river.. You will enjoy.

The tram 28 is always full of tourists because it goes through the typical Alfama quarter but the Mirador Senhora do Monte is a very quiet place.

So, I remain at your disposal for any kind of information.

Best regards from Lisbon, Portugal, Helena