Subject: Jane Austen Festival in Bath
Hi Ziners,

My husband and I do quite a bit of traveling when he is off work (he's a teacher), and very occasionally I go on a solo trip. I am going on a literary-influenced trip this September, to the Jane Austen festival in Bath. It is my first solo trip in almost a decade. I will be in England two weeks, and the remainder of the time when the Festival ends, I plan to spend partly in London--on a whiskey mission for my husband and a theatre mission for me--and touring a bit of southern and southwestern England. I very much look forward to taking advantage of the advice and suggestions of this group, and also to sharing what help I can offer.

Speaking of which, I am wondering about the Festival: has anyone attended before, or is anyone going this year? I have not been to England outside of the summer and am somewhat concerned about the weather: I am learning that a layered approach may work best along with the obligatory umbrella. What are others' experiences? Any suggestions and advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks very much! Caroline California