Subject: Re: Jane Austen Festival in Bath
G'day Caroline and all Zine Bathers,

By far the best thing to do in Bath (imho) is to join one of the FREE walking tours, arranged by either the Tourist Authority, or the Borough Council - I can't recall which. They assemble twice daily or more in front of the Tap Room of the Baths complex, and are led by volunteer guides, retired long-term residents of the town. From memory it will take about two-three hours, and one learns much more than is possible from the average commercial tour, albeit at the expense of the pleasurable ffort of walking. On our last visit we shouted the delightful 80 yo lady a coffee and cake afterwards, and were rewarded with another 40 minutes of priceless information.

You should find information on these walks at your accomodation, or else it will be on a noticeboard near the Tap Room or Cathedral.

Cheers from Paul in Sydney