Subject: Re: Baggage bandits
G'day all,

Lucy and Michael have hit two of my pet airplane peeves on the head. I guess it is fair to drop the baggage limit and charge those who take extra if it means lower fuel surcharges for those who don't carry the extra weight. I suspect thought they will still hit us all for extra fuel and stick more freight in the hold to use the newly available space. Warning, generalization coming up, people who lug enormous bags onto planes usually have seats at the very back but stow them at the front so they don't have to haul them all the way down the aisle. The rule abiding souls like us who wait for our seat numbers to be called before boarding then can't stow our bags over our seats which causes inconvenience to people sleeping under them on long flights, I nearly always need something from my bag as the seats are too cramped for me to have everything I need for 13-14 hours. I wouldn't mind betting these are the same people who swing heavily on my seat back when getting into and out of theirs. I wish I could afford Business class! Come on Ziners, tell us your pet peeves when travelling, some of you may have noticed I managed to squeeze in four peeves. I could go on, flying seems to bring out the worst in me, but I don't want you to think I am too petty so I will leave it at that.

Regards Sue Waterloo ON