Subject: Re: Baggage Bandits!

There are lots of Baggage Bandits on the ground too! Those folks who take everything with them into the Bus or Train.

Granted, there is no 'checked baggage' on most of the trains but people seem to almost 'take-their-house-with-them' even for short rides. How many clothes do you need in the summertime? Or even in the winter?

My wife and I travel light...with just 1 large backpack for both of us for a week-end or even journeys longer than a week if we don't need 'concert-going' clothes, etc. For instance, when we travelled by freighter this May and June to Blanc Sablon and northern Newfoundland, a backpack sufficed but we took along laundry soap and did our laundry 3 times during our 16 days away.

We are very 'space-aware'luggage-wise. We seldom fly but our 'ground-rules' apply on planes too.

Peter Montreal, Canada