Subject: Re: New member in California
Welcome, Dana,

You need to give us a few more clues about your planned Europe trip. Many of us have been there & would love to give you help. Others may disagree but I think Europe is probably the Ziners' favorite destination. You'll find more than enough suggestions but let's narrow it a bit. What time of year are you going? Do you have special likes or hobbies...hiking, art, cooking, beaches, etc? Do you like cities, rural areas? Are you going to be driving, taking the train or other public transportation? Do you want to stay in one country or see as many as possible? Be warned ....just like potato chips, one trip won't be enough!

I suggest 1st that you get a good general guide book such as Lonely Planet or my favorite, Rick Steves' Europe Through the Backdoor. Read all you can about the places you've heard about & start a list of the many places you want to go. Then ask some specific questions. Planning a trip is a great deal of the fun of traveling. As I said, many Ziners have been there, numerous times. Also, many Ziners are residents of various European countries.

Again, welcome, you've come to the right place.

Carol Bailey in N. Idaho