Subject: Re: Paris Layover at CDG Airport
Hello Bettina.

I'm aware of two possibilities for you to stash your luggage at CDG whle you spend a few hours in the city.

Unfortunately, I can offer two general ideas, without the specifics. Both ideas are based on my most recent trip to Paris, which was last March.

First, several airport hotels offer day rates. I think jetlagged travellers are the group most likely to avail themselves of this option. It would serve your purpose, and the day rate is considerably less expenive than the night rate.

Secondly, I enquired about a left luggage facility at the airport for reasons similar to yours. I was told to inquire at the desk of a courier operation. It was not a formal left luggage operation but they accommodated that need. I didn't use it. I learned of it by asking at the airport help desk.

Good Luck to you. Certainly I understand the desire to spend any amount of time, no matter how limited, in Paris.

Al, from London,Ontario