Subject: New York City Hotel and Uzbekistan

I just would like to report on my one night visit to the Parker Meridian Hotel on 57th street in Manhattan. My granddaughters and their parents stayed in a borrowed apartment and I stayed at the hotel on a Friday night with the idea that my daughter and her husband would leave the girls with me to swim, eat, and stroll. We had an absolutely smashing time and the hotel was marvelous. A Friday night stay was fifty dollars less than a midweek stay, and I added the granddaughters as guests in my room so that I would not have to pay an additional fee for the pool. The pool was perfect just to cool off and the view from the patio surrounding the swim area was spectacular.

The hotel is very pricey but for one night it was a special treat with lots of photos of grandchildren, pool and beautiful Manhattan at dusk.

I leave for home to Jerusalem on Sunday and to Uzbekistan in less than two weeks. I do not recall many postS about Uzbekistan. If anyone has been there I would love to hear a few thoughts. I will be touring and studying with a history professor and art history professor and a group of forty fellow participants from the United States, England and Israel.

Bettina Minneapolis