Subject: Re: A week in Dublin
Hi again, Nancy,

I just thought about another possible and interesting tour from Dublin - to Tara (remember Scarlette O'Hara?) - the green hill which was actually the site of Irish monarchs and the sanctual stone in the form of fallos is still there, Newgrange - with world famous buildings where the sun comes inside on December 22 only for a few hours (to book the visit on this day you should care about one year in advance) and Boyne valley - the site of the famous battle between William the Orange and the Irish who supported the Catholic King. All this can be done in 1 day with one of the best tourist companies which I had ever used - Mary Gibbons (283 99 73).

Another recommendation - I'm fully in fond of the visit to the Howth and Malhide Castle on the same day. You can also add to the list of the same day the jump into Casino at Marino. The charming little house (Casino from Casa - not the place of gambling). The architecture is an Italian one who had never been to Ireland - some man from Ireland had bought the plan - that's all. In a small 2- storey house so many different and wonderful rooms! Don't miss it if you anywhere go in this direction.

Sincerely, Alex Jerusalem Israel