Subject: Paris Layover at CDG Airport
Bettina, Have you factored in arrival and depature times in your ten hours? From the point of arrival at CDG to settling into the departure lounge you may only have six or seven hours, with customs and immigration clearance upon arrival and check-in and security for your departure. It will take you an hour to find your luggage, hire a taxi and/or find the bus shuttle to get to downtown Paris.

I was at CDG in June and waited a long time for my luggage and to get through immigration and customs.

My advice would be to check with your airline and find out if you can use the first class/business lounge. The airline will often allow passengers to do this for a nominal charge ($10 or $20 U.S.) Plant yourself there and explore the airport.

Alternatively, we have often checked our luggage at a hotel where we were not staying, and had no intention of staying, by simply telling the concierge that we were leaving or planning to check in later. It has always worked. Lucy, Toronto