Subject: Boston trip planning
Hi Ziners,

My wife and I are starting the planning phase (oh boy!) for our long weekend in Boston, October 27-31. I've just finished reading dozens of your helpful posts from the past few years and have put together a list of museums, tours, restaurants, etc. But there are some questions I have that weren't addressed.

1. We love church music. Can anyone suggest a big downtown- style church where we could go on Sunday morning and hear a pipe organ and good traditional church music? Good preaching would be a plus. :)

2. Similarly, we're looking for a good place to take in a classical or semi-classical music concert. Or a Broadway- style show. We like traditional styles more than trendy stuff.

3. I expect that Halloween weekend might be too late for fall colors. If I'm wrong, please tell me! Otherwise, we'd like to rent a car for one day and do a driving tour. Both Cape Cod and North Shore-to-Maine were suggested. Any other recommendations?

4. Any Ziners who might want to have a lunch or dinner with us? Or touring?

5. Other suggestions are most welcome!

This is our first trip to Boston together so we plan to do the standard touristy things: Freedom Trail, Boston Common, various art museums. We're staying in a B&B and plan to use public transportation and walk, most of the time.

Thanks in advance,

Dave Votaw Salem, Oregon, USA