Subject: Re: Boston trip planning
Dave, Hi!

We live in a suburb of Boston and love music. We are very involved with the classical and early music scene in Boston and I'd be happy to help. First of all, on Sunday's in the Emmanuel Church on Newbury Street, Craig Smith does the Bach Cantatas - every Sunday. I think it's first come, first serve, but you can check on line or ask and I'll try to get more info. for you.

Secondly, the good Baroque groups are: Boston Baroque with Martin Perlman, Joel Cohen's Boston Camarata and Handel and Haydn. All of these groups are on line w/ schedules. Also, last but not least is the Boston Early Music Festival. They have concerts all fall and winter but I don't know if they have one when you will be here. The site is This is a favorite of ours!

Don't forget to go to Cambridge and the Harvard Museum of Natural History to see the glass flower collection. It was cleaned a few years ago and it's breathtaking. Also, I think the Ansel Adams biggie will, I believe, still be at the Boston Fine Arts Museum. You will need tickets and they can be obtained on-line also.

Please let me know when things firm up for you. If we can meet you for a drink, dinner or something, we'd love to.

Any help I can be, I would be happy to do so. Just ask away.

Regards, Susie Newton, MA