Subject: Northeast US
Hi everyone,

I am planning a trip in the northeast of America with my fiance and was hoping for any advice people could offer.

We are planning on travelling first to Washington DC, then taking the train to New York and then on to Boston. If anyone has any cheap but clean accommodation recommendations for these places that would be appreciated. Also is it plausible to take day trips by car out of Boston to places like Marthas Vineyard and Cape Cod?

Then I would really love to travel to Prince Edward Island and was wondering if it would be possible to drive from Boston to PEI. We wouldn't want to spend too many days on the road, but would love to see some of the spectacular scenery on the way (especially the autumn colours). Do you think this is something that would be possible to do in around 3 days? Are there any particular routes that anyone would recommend?

Look forward to any advice that you can give me. I have travelled to Washington and New York before, but never further north. Our main interests for travel are scenery and history.

Thanks for your help, Megan New Zealand