Subject: Re: Air Canada baggage limit
Hello Ziners

When I read Lucy's message about Air Canada's new decreased luggage limit I was a bit worried as my daughter will be flying from Toronto to Perth (Australia) later this month and she will be using two suitcases. I have looked up the website for Air Canada and was a relieved to find out that she will still be allowed to take two pieces each of which is restricted to 23kg.

So she will still be able to bring 46kg of luggage on her 6 week holiday. Actually she intends to bring both half empty and for the return trip fill them up with some of her belongings which still inhabit her former bedroom here in Perth (she has been gone for four years and has permanent residency status in Canada) so hopefully our house will be a little emptier when she leaves.

Just as an added aside here in Perth they are very fussy when it comes to carry on luggage. They go strictly according to the book and make you weigh it before you are allowed into the airside. If you are over they ruthlessly make you empty out the excess.

Also Canadians and others travelling to North America are lucky! Coach passengers in the rest of the world are only allowed one case weighing no more than 20kg!

Gerrit - Perth, Australia