Subject: Re: New International Baggage Limit
Hi Ziners,

Linda is the queen of packing light - see her tips on TheTravelzine website - I don't do carry-on but I do pack reasonably lightly. I use public transit and walk a lot so that packing light makes sense to me.

The new restrictions still allow two items to be checked (on United, at least) and then carryon as well.

I have a wheeled suitcase - small, almost carryon size that can go down train aisles easily, and another bag that sits on top, securely attached through the handles of the wheeled bag. I don't always bring the second bag but I do carry a lightweight backpack. I also bring a smaller folding bag that could be used as carryon luggage for extra items. Then my backpack can be folded up and put inside if necessary. Richard uses a cloth briefcase as carryon. He likes it because it keeps papers organized.

That being said, I find my wheeled case itself a little too heavy. Next time I will look more carefully at that. On the plus side, it has great big wheels that goes over cobbles easily. I try to be sure that I don't pack it so heavily that I can't carry it myself. There will always be some stairs that must be negotiated!

I don't dress up when I travel but I do bring coordinating colours and separates.

Any other suggestions for meeting those new targets?

Frances Toronto, Canada